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Women who are Customer Assistants have an overall job satisfaction level of 5, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $0-$25k.

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Marks & Spencer

Customer Assistant, Retail

January 1970

(Junior position in a Simply Food.) M&S is committed to being an ethical and welcoming employer. This translates as you greeting new staff members just as warmly as your new colleagues greeted you on your first day. They try and give perks - free food and related perks. How this manifests is down to how well each store is run. Levels of professionalism vary wildly among staff, but it was always interesting. Lots of diversity within the London teams, at least. Nepotism runs rampant! I got my job through personal connections, as did everyone else I met that worked there. Gives it a "family" vibe, often because family members and friends end up working alongside each other. Having no family I can't comment too much, but there were women at all levels, equally respected among their counterparts.

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    I'm not sure

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    None taken

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    Hours, Culture, Policies

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    Not much; it's a great place to work

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