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Women who are Developer IIs have an overall job satisfaction level of 4, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $50k-$80k.

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Lady Dev

Expeditors International

Developer II, IS

January 1970

This is for CHQ-IS of Expeditors International, in Seattle, Wa and does not include work environment at Expeditors branches or the CHQ business side. The IS department is getting more even, gender-wise, over time. There are many women in a variety of positions in IS, including QA, developers, supervisors, project managers, managers, and higher. Several of the product executives are women as well. The work environment is fairly low stress (depending on deadlines), supportive, collaborative, and decidedly non-'brogrammer'. I have not experienced any gender-based discrimination thus far in my three years here. I have noticed several women go through pregnancies, go on leave, then come back and continue working, though I haven't talked with them about it. I do know of a few cases of women deciding to quit to stay home with children, but do not think that was company-related, more their choice. The vacation policy is not as progressive as many tech companies. You get 2 weeks (no rollover) starting, go to 3 weeks at 3 years, 4 weeks at 10. There is no flex-time option as yet, though employee demand has management considering it and they have promised a decision by the end of 2015. The maternity leave policy is a little tricky to understand, but is a little more generous than other states because Washington is covered under both the state's Family Leave Act (12 weeks) and a required pregnancy disability leave (6 weeks). That gives you at least 18 weeks for maternity leave because the FLA doesn't kick in until after pregnancy disability leave ends, and depending on your recovery period, you might get more disability leave. As for getting paid during leave, you must use any accrued paid time off to do so. That means vacation and any sick days you have. Once those are gone, if you've added short term disability to your insurance benefits, you can use that to get a percentage of your usual salary. (more info here: As for other parent leave, Washington State's FLA also covers partners, so they can take 12 weeks unpaid leave as well. The only hitch is if both you and your partner work for the same company and you child is healthy, then you have to share those 12 weeks, you don't get a combined 24.

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    8 hours

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    None taken

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    Maybe. If you intend to become a parent, I would look for a company with better parental leave and flex time policies.

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