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Women who are Engagement Owners have an overall job satisfaction level of 4, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $80k-$100k.

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Cerner Corporation

Engagement Owner, Customer Service

January 1970

Cerner is a fantastic place to work if you can stick it out for the first few years. It isn't the type of place were they offer flexible schedule to a new employee unless you worked that out with your manager first or you are hired onto a senior team. If you work there for a few years, you can build the rapport with your manager or find a manager that may allow flexible schedules or working from home. I'm fortunate that I am allowed to work 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM during the week and jump on for an hour or two at night to catch up if I've missed anything. I have worked at Cerner for 6+ years though. If my child is sick, I can work from home with her here. Cerner has a fantastic maternity navigation program while you are pregnant. They offer classes onsite, help you navigate all the stages of pregnancy and early motherhood. I do agree they could have a more competitive paid maternity leave as right now it is only 6 or 8 weeks paid through Short Term Disability. After you give birth, you can attend free lactation consultations. Also Cerner offers very nice mother rooms at most of their campus'. Overall I would recommend this company to other women.

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    Once you've worked at Cerner for a few years, you can find roles that are more flexible than others. Most the people I work with have children including my boss. I'm allowed to work from home if needed and shape my working hours around my children's drop off/pick up schedule. I've worked here for 6+ years though. In my early career years, it was less flexible.
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    I had a c-section so 8 weeks were paid for Short Term Disability. Then I had to use 4 weeks of saved PTO for the remaining weeks. Unfortunately many women at Cerner have to take unpaid leave if they don't have enough PTO saved.
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