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Women who are Intermediate Typist Clerks have an overall job satisfaction level of 1, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $25k-$50k.

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Lady Liquidskky1

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

Intermediate Typist Clerk, Mental Health Clerical Support Staff

January 1970

I worked at the Santa Clarita location and for this department for over two years. When I initially began working at this location I was excited that I would be working for management that included a lot of women as I assumed that this would entail support for their staff in all matters from work to home obligations such as personal and maternity leave, etc. Unfortunately, these were not women that were empowering to other women and instead focused on negatively belittling their support staff and this adversely affected the work environment and impacted the well being and productivity of their female staff. Taking time off was frowned upon and negatively documented and petty personal attacks, gossip and other non work related personal issues between senior staff and newer staff were fostered and enabled by management. Senior staff would create a hostile environment for the junior staff by accepting the claims of the senior staff without researching said claims. These claims were taken for face value without proper justification, documentation or cause. This created an stressful work environment and created hostility between workers which made it difficult for women to transfer, advance to higher paying positions or to promote to other positions within LA County in general regardless of the department. This was absolutely one of the worst locations and departments that I have ever worked for. I would not recommend this place for any ambitious or intelligent women to work at or any reason. The only reason to work here is if you enjoy drama, have a petty high school clique mentality, have no ambition to promote or transfer and would like to stay in the same redundant position doing the same thing until retirement all while under the scrutiny of unhappy women who project their misery onto their staff.

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