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Women who are Managing Principals have an overall job satisfaction level of 5, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of >$150k.

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Managing Principal, Strategy & Business Development

January 1970

I am not someone who believes in work vs. life... we have one life. My children and family, my work, my passions... all are a part of that life, and we need to find our own sense of balance. It changes over time, and what you need is a company and a support system that helps you adapt and achieve the balance that is right for you. We work hard, for sure. But today I am a partner running a large practice with amazing responsibility, a large team, and a lot to do. I have a 13-year old stepdaughter, a 14-month old daughter, and hopefully one more to come into our family whom I spend quality time with. I sit on the board of a charity and my MBA alumni association. I have date nights with my husband, and see my family and friends. My point is, balance and work/life is what we make it and what we are comfortable with across these various aspects of our lives. And while it is hard work and high expectations to work in consulting, ZS is an environment I have always found to be supportive along the way. ZS values who you are as you and what you bring. ZS is also a values-driven and high-ethics culture. I am proud to be a partner here. I worked in 6 companies before this, and never imagined I would stay anywhere for 13 years. Now I can't imagine being anywhere else!

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    Life happens. Consulting is an intense career, but in my 13 years at ZS, life has thrown me some real curve balls - some very positive, and some exceedingly difficult. I have always been amazed by the genuine support and care offered by my ZS family along the way. When I have needed to adjust schedule, I could. When I have needed someone to help fill in, they did. And when others need it, I am there for them too. That is ZS. Living the values: Get it right. Do the right thing. Treat people right.
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    I had 10 weeks paid leave, but with saved up maternity and sick, I actually took another 14 weeks. So I was home for 6 months.
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