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Women who are Marketing Programs Managers have an overall job satisfaction level of 5, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of >$150k.

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HP Inc.

Marketing Programs Manager, Marketing

January 1970

HP believes and practices diversity whether gender, sexual orientation, veteran or any other type of special classification. There are business groups on campuses all over the world the promote the diversity in very real and actionable ways. As a straight heterosexual woman I have walked with other HP employees in the PRIDE parade for the last three years. As an ALLY to the LGBTQI community, I proudly display the ALLY flag in my work space without fear of retribution or consequence. Each business group around the world has an executive sponsor and ours is an openly gay vice president who proudly walks in the PRIDE parade. I was only 1.5 years with the company when I was nominated to take part in our Catalyst program designed to help under-represented groups, such as women in leadership positions, to gain the confidence to take risks and have their voices and presence known inside the company. HP definitely walks the talk about supporting diversity in our workforce, encouraging diversity of opinion and offering opportunities to continue to grow, whether through education or new roles inside the company.

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    HP goes back and forth on employees working remotely versus requiring them in an office. There is a lack of consistency in applying the "rules". There are employees working from home offices that go once a month to their designated offices. Others have had to leave the company because they were unable to work from home, though originally they had hired on with the ability to work 100% of the time from home.
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    I have had two of my male colleagues take their paternity leave. In most companies most men don't dare to do so due to the culture.
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    Not much; it's a great place to work

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