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Women who are Operations Coachs have an overall job satisfaction level of 3, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $50k-$80k.

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Lowe's Companies

Operations Coach, Operations

January 1970

If you like the warehousing, distribution environment and maybe being able to break the glass ceiling, then you might like it. You will get burnt out with trying to make a difference and not being appreciated. I do believe it is who you know in this company and if you say 'no' once, it may hurt your career. It may have changed since I left over a year ago, but I'm not so sure. There were about 2,000 assistant managers that were let go from the stores and warehouses about a year ago and a lot went to work one day and let go without any warning. These people had worked for the company about an average of eight years.

Job Satisfaction Level

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  • CEO supports Gender Diversity?

    I'm not sure

  • Are Women and Men Treated Equally?

    Not for Promotion, Evaluation and Reviews

  • Level of Flexibility

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    It wasn't as much flexible with the supervisors as with managers or team members. It seemed like the front-line supervisors were taken for granted and not appreciated, especially if you went above and beyond for the team.
  • Took Maternity Leave Here? (Weeks)

    None taken

  • Work-Life Friendly Attributes:


  • One Thing Employer Could Improve

    Well, I didn't stay. In the building I worked at, there was only one woman manager. There are several women supervisors, but I have never seen any women promoted to manager except one and that is the only woman manager. Also, we had to work 40 hours plus and when you needed to go to an appointment it was like pulling teeth and you had to fill out paperwork just to leave the building. I loved working with my fellow supervisors and the team members. It seemed to me that people that did less were rewarded and the people that did more were taken for granted.

  • Recommend to Women?

    Maybe. I think it depends on the person. I worked for Lowe's Companies for many years and decided the way managers manage people could be much better. I wanted to be treated fairly, but wasn't. Also, there wasn't a work/life balance with the company.

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