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Women who are Owner Financial Advisors have an overall job satisfaction level of 1, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of .

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Edward Jones

Owner Financial Advisor, Finance

January 1970

This review is of my personal experience with a recruiter, Nicole, with Edward Jones. She insulted my intelligence and my capability to do the job. After small talk about her being sick we began talking about my work history and experiences. The very next topic we spoke about was me clarifying my most recent work experience which included being a SAHM/Operations Manager. Once she heard SAHM the conversation changed drastically with me being labeled as "not a good fit" for the Financial Advisor position. This is before she asked me about my current or past accomplishments, what I can offer to Edward Jones, my goals, etc. With Nicole being a representative of the company I can only conclude that Edward Jones does not support SAHM's reentering the "workforce" at a capacity that exercises their intellectual abilities, knowledge, and desire to succeed. They would rather have someone accept a lower level job regardless of that person's professional experience, intellectual ability, current skills, professional desires, or level of education. Here are some bullet points from my phone interview: *The process began by the recruiter contacting me via email regarding the Financial Advisor position in my area. The 1st phone interview was rescheduled due to her being sick, no worries things happen. The 2nd interview she apologized and called me 10 minutes passed the scheduled interview time. *I was called a taxi service for children as if all SAHM or any caregiver does nothing but taxi people around all day. She didn't give me a chance to inform her that I started my own service of which I spoke with people daily, completed graduate school, voluntarily helped with fundraising, served as a project manager, complete yearly taxes and financial portfolio, just to name a few. *She also told me that passing the series test would be difficult for someone like me. She proceeded to talk to me like I was a juvenile telling me that because the test is hard it would require dedication much like graduate degree work and that she didn't think I could do it, in her words....she didn't want to set me up for failure. This conclusion was based on very little knowledge of my capabilities. *Then she said to me I wasn't a good fit because I didn't have B2B sales experience. Huh? That was never on my resume to begin with so I asked her, "Why would you contact me for an interview when it was never stated on my resume that I had B2B sales experience?"She began to tell me we look for candidates with analyst background, graduating from a good school, etc. who are just like me. Again, I circled back to the why am I being turned down just because I don't have B2B if I check off all of the other boxes you claim someone needs, she never gave me a reason.(SURPRISE) I then confronted her with the question, "Are you turning me down just because I am a SAHM/Operations Manager", no direct answer from her just he same carosoul ride circling over her statement of no B2B. *It didn't appear that my resume and background were reviewed prior to the phone call. I can say this because she asked what company Operations Manager / SAHM was, that acronym is located in the job title section of my resume not the company---she could clearly see that if she looked at the format of my resume, she also asked would I be interested in working in XXX which is the exact city I live in....she had no clue where I lived it was worded more in a relocate type question. *Soon after ending the interview I received an automated email saying in the body of the email...."We recognize you may be interested to learn the reasons for our decision not to proceed; however, our policy is not to discuss these decisions."....... I will gladly move on from this company, take my knowledge, experiences and my professionalism elsewhere! I hope a lesson is learned from this experience no one should ever be downgraded based on someones assumptions and biases built on 5 minutes of conversation. There are many caregivers that are extremely smart and talented that would go above an beyond for any organization.

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    Don't insult my intelligence or abiliities

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