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Women who are Project Management Specialists have an overall job satisfaction level of 3, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $50k-$80k.

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Lady Washingtonian

RTI International

Project Management Specialist, International Development Group

January 1970

I've worked with RTI for about three and a half years. I love the environment - I work with brilliant, experienced, passionate colleagues of all ages. Most of my colleagues are women aged 25-50 - though the more senior members of our team and of the company in general are all men. There is no maternity leave policy (you have to take short term disability), though the hours are extremely flexible. Many members of our team have children (the majority, in fact) - so most of my colleagues flex their hours to accommodate their family schedules. RTI is very generous in that respect. I do find that salaries between women and men are disparate - though RTI seems to be working to address pay inequity (slowly). I'm a more junior member of the team, and I don't really see many promotions at the junior or mid-level. It seems that most people have to leave the company and then return before they receive substantial pay raises or promotions.

Job Satisfaction Level

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  • Typical Hours (per day)

    8 hours

  • Are Women and Men Treated Equally?


  • Took Maternity Leave Here? (Weeks)

    None taken

  • Recommend to Women?

    Maybe. RTI has some ground to cover in terms of equal pay and treatment of women. Virtually all of the executive leaders are men, and there is no discernible policy regarding maternity leave. Staff are required to take "disability pay/leave" instead.

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