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Women who are Senior Managing Directors have an overall job satisfaction level of 1, 0% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $80k-$100k.

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Teach for America

Senior Managing Director, Human Resources

January 1970

Reviews with minimal critical thought are evidence of the cult-like culture TFA attempts to establish or bully into staff especially staff who did not do the Americorps teach for 2yrs piece. TFA is a white dominant culture organization where gay white males and white women promote and elevate each other. When it comes time to make cuts it impacts women of color. Their emphasis on "diversity" is dependent on funding, and is primarily for corps members and not staff. The initiative on staff for "diversity" is focused on black males to align with the current political landscape. White women in leadership are passive aggressive and breed a culture of gossip. White women and gay white males are cruel behind staff members back and fake to their face. Long-term staff are primarily overly privileged and pretentious. They exploit students of color, staff members of color, and corps members of color to push a false narrative o raise funds. Ultimately, the organization has done nothing to elevate low-income students. It is an organization created by the privilege for the privilege who have the luxury of being paid at nonprofit levels because they come from privilege and so they can feel better about themselves. Americorps funding needs to be removed from TFA, and those considering on joining the corps should seek alternative programs. If you're seeking TFA as a post-graduation opportunity because of the promises they make for your future don't do it. The org has gone down hill in it's connections and status and is no longer seen as recruiting the brightest and best. You have to already be an alumni with established experience.

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    Not eligible for bonus

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    Not for Promotion

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    TFA is a national organization where regions are autonomous which means reviews can differ a great deal. Furthermore, there is no consistency in the org which is why there is such a range of reviews. If you entered TFA as a corps member, your review isn't accurate from an employee level. I work on the HR side nationally and see the range of disturbing treatment of staff (mainly staff of color or those who do not fit the cult like culture) across the country.
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    None taken

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    Hours, Policies

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    Increased expectations of regional leadership

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