Waitress/salesperson On 3rd Shift 9pm-7am Job Reviews

Women who are Waitress/salesperson On 3rd Shift 9pm-7ams have an overall job satisfaction level of 3, 100% of them believe there is gender equality in their firms, and make an average salary range of $0-$25k.

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Waffle House

Waitress/salesperson On 3rd Shift 9pm-7am

January 1970

if you are friendly, have common sense, quick thinking, not lazy, can hustle when we are busy...you can make decent tip money. but if your customers see you just sitting when everyone else is working they will remember you, and never sit in your section. and always, always, always, do your side work, hpw would you feel walking into your shift your tables dirty n sticky, no condiments or napkuns on tables etc...you then do your work, wait your tables, and complete the work of another shift. if we would come together and work together, this job would be EASY

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    Not eligible for bonus

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    I'm not sure

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    waffle house seems to always give bad servers, male or female more hours and they seems from the sidelines to get "by" with more. while employees servers/cooks who are on time daily, do side work required, come in ehenever needed..basically a waffle house team player...these "FEW "are shorted hours, given low tipping shifts, and the majority of the grunt work! not fair for a billion a uear company to treat employees whp make their money,buys tjeir homes, cars, etc...but a good coom/server cant afford has for their cars, or putting food on their tables? makes no sense
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    None taken

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    Improve my compensation

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