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The Best of Both Worlds
Guess What Company I Work For?
Shaunda Zilich

I want you to look at these bullet points below and kick around some ideas of what company you think I work for and if you would want to work for a company like this:

  • I recently had a workout session on trust and each of my team talked about personal life changing events
  • I have unlimited time off
  • I was able to work from home and breastfeed my daughter for a year (the best thing for her health)
  • I work on a global team where I personally speak with co-workers from at least 5 other countries every day
  • I was promoted six months after being hired because I was valued for my expertise
  • Next week I am attending a leadership training called ‘Strategies for High Performance’
  • I make an impact on 1000’s of people’s lives… and their families… EVERY DAY!
  • The company I work for is solving some of the biggest NEEDS in the world!

Did I mention I recently got a henna tattoo and went dune bashing in Dubai with my bosses boss? An Officer of the company? Oh yeah… that too!!

So do you think you have it figured out?

A hint… it’s not what you are thinking… It’s not a new start-up. This company has been innovating for over 130 years and will continue to innovate as we evolve with what the world needs…

It’s GE… It’s that old, conservative, corporate, stuffy company…or, as we new employees now say…

It’s the new GE… that modern, entrepreneurship feeling, transparent, and ‘caring about me’ company…. GE!

If you're looking to join a company where you make an impact on the world, where you are valued and trusted for your entrepreneurship and forward way of thinking, and where you are encouraged in your work/life integration look no further.

The Digital Industrial company, GE, is here!

View open jobs at GE on the new Fairygodboss job board here!

This article was originally published here.


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