International Women's Day is celebrated around the world, and commemorates the many contributions women have made to world history and human progress.

We never need an excuse to celebrate women, but what's the best way to do it? In case you were looking for a menu of options, you've come to the right place.

Today we've turned our attention to the many different ways that people and organizations are recognizing this day -- and allowing you to be involved. We are spoiled for choice: there is a rich tapestry of hashtags, events and campaigns on offer, so get your phones, credit cards, and social media accounts (#IWD2016) ready!

The United Nation's "Step Up Campaign" which asks governments to take steps to close the gender equality gap -- from national laws and policies to investment program -- reminds us that many girls and women around the world depend on government leaders to take action to give the access to education, and healthcare that are foundational to equal opportunity.

#OneDayIWill: Google is celebrating women by looking to the future. They have travelled around the world in search of Google doodle inspiration from young girls to accomplished grandmothers, asking all of them to complete the sentence "One Day I Will". Take part and share your own story here.

Women in the World tells the stories of those women around the globe whose own voices need amplification and whose plights deserve far more attention. Thanks to Tina Brown's efforts to uncover these incredible and moving stories, we are seeing journalism make an impact in these women's lives -- and the world. We're huge fans and think you should consider adding @WomenintheWorld to your news feed.

Accenture's #GreaterThan campaign, it's recent disclosure of diversity data, commitment to hire more women, establish pay equity and transparency is truly inspiring. We were lucky enough to be part of their International Women's Day in New York, and left truly motivated to achieve more for women in the workplace.

Make a pledge (#PledgeforParity) on the International Women's Day website to help women and girls achieve their ambition, call for gender-balanced leadership, challenge conscious and unconscious bias, create inclusive, flexible cultures and more...This site also includes a terrific, searchable list of physical events by location in case you need a reason to step away from your desk in celebration of women today.


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