Michele Mavi

When you’re sitting at work all day, your choice of office chair becomes just as important as your choice of mattress. Back pain is the most commonly reported side effect of prolonged sitting, but the negative effects can go much deeper, from a decline in posture all the way to severe spinal injury. These injuries can creep up over time, so you definitely want to be sure you protect yourself while you’re working.

Here are some of the best designed ergonomic office chairs that will keep your posture perky and your back supported.

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

It’s no surprise that one of the top chairs would be designed by Herman Miller, the brand that basically redefined office chairs with the Eames chair, designed for their company in 1956 by designers Charles and Ray Eames. Just as it’s taken the home décor world by storm, Herman Miller dominates in the space of office furniture. The Embody Chair was made using positive health design, your circulation, and office ergonomics in mind. It will naturally keep your spine aligned and support your lower back without you having to make any physical adjustments. No wonder it’s the recipient of several awards, including a Best of Tech Award.

2. Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase has been a top player in office furniture for years, and their ergonomic design seating is in a class of its own. This chair uses their proprietary LiveBack Technology and adjusts naturally to your body, protecting your lumbar and neck. Fully adjustable seat height and tension on the back also allow for varying preferences and needs on any given day.

3. Storm MK2 by Dynamic

This chair, sold by UK retailer Project X Office, became one of the most sought-out work chairs after Season 3, Episode 5 of “Silicon Valley” aired. With its waterfall curved seat, this chair is designed to offer top quality, contoured lumbar comfort while eliminating pressure behind the knees and improving circulation. Talk about ergonomic design for the win!

4. Eurotech Ergohuman

This pick is not only fully adjustable, it’s also Greenguard certified, making this a particularly good ergonomic chair option for anyone trying to be more environmentally conscious at work. Why? This work chair lets you breathe easy knowing there were no harmful emissions created as a byproduct of its production. They’ve also thought of every customizable adjustment — even the backrest’s tilt is adjustable.

5. Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

This is one of the most affordable ergonomic chairs in its category. What it lacks in adjustable height features it makes up for in its simplicity and function. And at just under $500, the Sayl chair is a great value that offers so much more to your body in return.

6. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

This is the #1 selling chair from Steelcase, so it’s almost a no brainer. Using what they call LiveLumbar technology, you can almost instantly feel your back pain disappear just at the sound of the words.

Still feel at a loss? When trying out your chair don’t get swayed by style or brand. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you make the best choice for you:

  • Chair height: Thighs and forearms should both be positioned parallel to the ground. Sitting in a chair that is too high can negatively impact blood circulation and cause more pressure than needed on the backs of the knees
  • Reclining adjustability: Your chair should recline with you to allow for a reduction in pressure applied to the spine and sit bones. You want to be sure you’re still able to comfortably use your keyboard without causing discomfort to your shoulders, neck and arms
  • Seat length: Be sure you have room for the width of three fingers between your seat edge and backs of your knees to avoid straining your back.


Michele Mavi has nearly 15 years of experience as a recruiter, interview coach, and resume writer. She is Atrium Staffing’s resident career expert, as well as director of internal recruiting and content development. She also founded Angel Films, a division of Atrium Staffing focused on the creation of recruiting and training videos.