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This Consulting Manager's Favorite Career Move is One You Should Copy
Leann Landry, Senior Manager at West Monroe. Photo courtesy of West Monroe

Leann Landry, Senior Manager at West Monroe, has some sound advice for why you should feel empowered to ask for what you want: “If you have the right skills, you deserve it,” she says. She certainly follows her own advice, and she loves that she has a say in how her company’s business runs. 

She recently shared with Fairygodboss why she finds working in consulting so fulfilling, her morning routine at work, and why she believes “setting expectations” is key.


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How long have you been in your current role? 

Two-and-a-half years, but in similar roles since 2012 with a boutique consulting firm that West Monroe acquired.

What’s the first thing you do at work every day? 

Grab some green tea and check email.

What’s the most unique or interesting aspect of your job or company? 

Our culture. We truly have the best, brightest, and fun people I’ve ever worked with. We foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and promoting the next generation of leaders.  

What’s something you think most people (perhaps even current employees) don’t know about your company that you think they should? 

We are 100% employee owned. Each and every one of us is an owner, and therefore we are connected to how our business runs.  

What’s something you’re especially good at at work?

Setting expectations for our clients and team members. Relationships and transparency can help mitigate any problem.  

What about outside of work?

Spending quality time with family and friends.

What are you trying to improve on? 

Getting back into my yoga practice.

What’s your favorite mistake? 

I tried to start my own small business, but ultimately decided to go back to work. I was happy I explored that option; if I hadn’t, I would have wondered forever.  

What’s the one career move you’ve made that you’re most proud of?

Asking for more money…and I got it!

What do you love most about your job or your company?

We are a consulting firm, so we help companies — every single day. It’s very fulfilling! 

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to?

I’m reading “The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations.”  It’s a fascinating read, and I highly recommend!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for women who are looking for jobs right now? 

Ask for what you want. If you have the right skills, you deserve it.  

Who is/was the most influential person in your life and why? 

Professionally, my dad — he empowered me and my siblings from a young age to challenge ourselves and strive for anything. Personally, my Mom — she is the most selfless and caring person I know.  

What’s the most memorable piece of career advice you’ve received? 

Don’t wake up one day and realize you’ve been doing something you don’t like for years.  

What was the best quality of the best boss you’ve ever had?

It’s someone at West Monroe. This person has a unique way of empathetically suggesting great ideas tailored to me that are challenging, impactful, and make me better at my job.


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