• Christine Anderson

    Christine Anderson is a Senior Managing Director in the Global Public Affairs Group at Blackstone. She serves as the firm's spokesperson and has previously worked in the office of the Governor of New York. More information about Christine can be found on Blackstone's website.

  • Joanna Barsh

    Joanna Barsh is a long-time advocate and expert on women in the workplace. She is the President of the Centered Leadership project and director emerita at McKinsey & Company, among other things. More information about Joanna can be found in her LinkedIn profile.

  • Marianne Cooper

    Marianne Cooper, Ph.D. is a sociologist with Stanford University's Clayman Institute for Gender Research. She was the lead researcher for Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg, and the author of other works and research focused on gender, family life, work and social equality. More information about Marianne can be found on her website and LinkedIn profile.

  • Sjoerd Gehring

    Sjoerd Gehring, is VP of Talent Acquisition at Johnson & Johnson. Previously, he was the Global Head of the Talent Innovation Lab at Accenture LP. More information about Sjoerd can be found on his LinkedIn profile

  • Johanna Maska

    Johanna Maska is a consultant and advisor based in the Los Angeles area. She was previously Director of Press Advance for President Obama. More information about Johanna can be found on her LinkedIn profile.

  • Jennifer Owens

    Jennifer Owens is formerly the Editorial Director of Working Mother Magazine and Director of the Working Mother Research Institute. She is an expert and frequent speaker on work/life issues and employer benefits and practices affecting working parents. More information about Jennifer can be found on her LinkedIn profile

  • Laura Peterson

    Laura Peterson is a Managing Director, Consumer Goods and Services at Accenture where she has worked for over 15 years, in a variety of leadership roles. More information about Laura can be found in her LinkedIn profile.

  • Matthew Richards

    Matthew Richards is the Director of Executive Talent Acquisition at Cognizant Technology Solutions where he has worked for over a decade in talent acquisition leadership. More information about Matthew can be found in his LinkedIn profile.