Amy Schumer Wants You to Know She Is Literally Never Taking Off Her Postpartum Panties | Fairygodboss
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Leave It To Amy
Amy Schumer Wants You to Know She Is Literally Never Taking Off Her Postpartum Panties
Liv McConnell
Pie > cake.

There's no shortage of new-mom realities that fail to make the cut into our health class curricula. Postpartum mesh panties are definitely one of them.

Functioning as giant, gauzy pads for women to wrap around the literal wounds they receive after expelling humans from their bodies (yay, childbirth!), mesh underwear is a glamorous necessity in the Amazon cart of many a mom-to-be. But while many women have had the experience of using and discreetly disposing of these hospital-grade delicates, few rock them quite as magnificently — and publicly — as Amy Schumer did.

The comedian and first-time mom hasn't been sparing fans any of the fun details throughout her pregnancy and postpartum experience. And if her recent Instagram post is any testament, she doesn't have plans to stop anytime soon. With trademark transparency, Schumer posted two postpartum panty photos alongside the caption "hospital underwear for life!" And women on Instagram are loving her for it, including some of Schumer's well-known pals.

"Thanks for being so raw and vulnerable about the realities of postpartum life," wrote model Tess Holliday. "There is so much pressure placed on new moms to 'bounce back' and it's not real life." Actress Zoe Saldana commented that Schumer looks "so beautiful," and Kristen Bell chimed in with a simple, "YESSSSS."

Meanwhile, it seems fellow funny mama Chrissy Teigen hasn't yet seen Schumer's Insta ode, but there's little doubt that she'd approve. Teigen herself posted a photo showing off her postpartum panties following the birth of her son last year, and we're ready for these postpartum fashion looks to keep coming.  

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