Fairygodboss Launches Job Listings And Employer Recruiting Tool

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July 24, 2024 at 5:13AM UTC

Today, Fairygodboss announces the launch of job listings and job-seeker resources for women in our community. In doing so, we are proud to partner with Accenture, Dow Jones, GE, Johnson & Johnson, OnDeck, Salesforce and Square. These seven companies are leaders in gender equality at work, and are demonstrating their continued commitment to advance women in the workplace through the Fairygodboss employer program.

For the past year, Fairygodboss has become an invaluable tool for women seeking information about workplace culture and policies from other women. While our site has become a place for women to share hard-to-discuss workplace topics and issues with each other, we have always known that we wanted to add the employer’s perspective and official company information about policies and programs.

Our initial employer partners have created beautiful pages on our site to showcase the benefits, programs and initiatives they offer to support employees. Their pages give female job-seekers access to detailed benefits and gender diversity data that can be difficult for women to uncover. In addition to giving job-seekers a sense of their commitment to gender equality, women can also apply for a wide range of open jobs directly on these pages.

Many employers tout themselves as female-friendly places to work, and many lists describe the “best employers” for women but Fairygodboss allows women to speak for themselves. Our launch partners embrace transparency, and understand that progress on gender equality involves a certain amount of vulnerability to hearing the unvarnished truth.

“We believe that transparency creates trust,” said Julie Sweet, Accenture’s Chief Executive Officer – North America. “Fairygodboss is helping to change the game for women who want to easily identify companies that enable them to succeed both professionally and personally. We are excited to be part of a new level of collaboration and connection among women in the workplace.”

In addition to understanding that transparency can be a strength, our partners have worked hard to promote transparency in multiple ways. “At Salesforce, we promote an open, transparent culture and we encourage candidates and employees to share their feedback,” said Cindy Robbins, Executive Vice President of Global Employee Success, Salesforce. “A critical step to closing the gender wage gap was increasing transparency, and platforms like Fairygodboss are essential to advancing the conversation around gender equality and pay equity.” Robbins made waves recently when she spearheaded the equal pay assessment to address wage differences between men and women at Salesforce.

Finally, our employer partners understand there is heavy competition for female talent. "In the tech space, the competition for qualified female talent has never been greater. Fairygodboss has a strong proposition that allows employers like OnDeck to reach ambitious women and speak directly to the topics and issues that they consider when choosing a job," said Lorna Hagen, SVP People Operations at OnDeck.

We’re so proud to be working with employers who care about diversity and supporting women in the workplace. “GE is always seeking ways technology can improve the world. We’re excited to see how Fairygodboss can motivate the current discussions around work life integration via their platform. The success of diversity at GE is seen in our innovation. We want to continue accelerating the advancement of women to create a strong company and a better world, ” said Susan Peters, SVP Human Resources at GE.

If you’re a woman in our community looking for examples of how employers support women — you may want to learn about the programs at these companies. And if you’re in the job market, you would be hard pressed to find employers who care more about advancing women. These female-friendly companies are offering open jobs in customer support, software development, sales, product management and many other areas. Check them out, and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


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