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5 Companies Leading The Way on Workplace Flexibility


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Recent research by Fairygodboss shows that flexible working policies are incredibly important to women at all career stages. Here are 5 companies that are leading the way in terms of flexible their own words.


“GE recognizes that there are some circumstances where an employee’s personal needs may benefit from a flexible or remote work arrangement.  GE promotes such arrangements where they support an employee's personal, family and community commitments as well as the needs and success of the business.  As quoted in Forbes... "Companies struggling to recruit millennials should consider GE’s example of bold action and completely rethink the packages they are offering to attract young talent.”

Available to certain salaried employees to meet business and personal obligations:
• Part-time
• Reduced hours
• Compressed workweek
• Flex-time
• Job sharing
• Telecommuting
• Remote work arrangement”

Note: GE also allows for unlimited vacation in many positions, and grants time off for community service.
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Johnson & Johnson

“Johnson & Johnson employees may request occasional Flexibility and ongoing Flexible Working Arrangements (FWAs).  A variety of FWAs are available for employees and support a culture that  respects the need for flexibility in when, where and how we work, along with providing resources to meet work, family and personal responsibilities.

The Company also offers a Work, Personal & Family Time Off policy which allows eligible employees paid absences from work for planned and unplanned personal events that require time away during the employee’s scheduled working day.”

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“We believe that offering a flexible vacation policy gives employees the ability to take as much or as little time as they need, when they need it.

We also recognize that each employee has unique needs when it comes to balancing family and work commitments. Square recognizes and supports flexible work arrangements for employees with caregiving responsibilities and/or family members with serious health conditions.

At Square, we aim to invest in our employees through programs that enable our employees to connect, refresh, and thrive.”

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“Working moms and dads have the option to work with their managers to create schedules that work for their families.

A big part of being a successful employee is achieving a healthy and happy work-life balance. At Salesforce, we understand that our employees are at their most productive and most innovative when they are rested and refreshed. They are more creative and passionate when they spend enough quality time with family and friends and pursue diverse outside interests. They can only truly invest in our customers and our technology once they invest in their own physical, mental, and emotional health...and feel encouraged to do so.

Needless to say, the wellbeing of our employees is of utmost importance to us. We know that that creating a caring workplace is the key to creating a great workplace. So we take care of employees in every way we can.”

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Dow Jones:

“Dow Jones has a formal "Work Anywhere" policy. While not all positions are eligible to work remotely 100% of the time, we encourage all managers and employees to facilitate a flexible environment which promotes a strong work/life balance.”

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