These Are the Best Places for Women to Work in 2019

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Today, we’re having more impactful conversations than ever about how to make workplaces truly gender equal. In the midst of those conversations, though, it’s important to take a moment to highlight which companies are currently doing right by their female talent. And who better to identify those best-in-class workplaces than the women who work there? 

For our 2019 Best Companies for Women rankings, released annually by Fairygodboss, companies’ scores were based entirely on women’s employee review data. In order to qualify for the rankings, companies first needed to have received more than 30 reviews on Fairygodboss. Scores were then determined by averaging women’s responses to three standard review questions addressing overall job satisfaction, equal treatment at work, and whether the reviewer would recommend the company to other women. In determining our Best Companies Where CEOs Support Gender Diversity ranking, women’s responses to the review question — “Do you think your CEO supports gender diversity?” — were averaged to determine the companies’ scores.

“From our research at Fairygodboss, we know that women's job satisfaction is directly related to the amount of gender equality she experiences at work,” our Fairygodboss Co-founder and CEO, Georgene Huang, said. “We’re excited to showcase these top companies and CEOs as leaders in the movement for gender equality in the workplace and they should be proud that their female employees feel so strongly that they’re great places for women to work.”

Outside of the overall Best Companies for Women ranking, additional categories include: Best Technology Companies for Women; Best Finance Companies for Women; Best Companies Where CEOs Support Gender Diversity; and a brand-new category, Best Consulting Companies for Women. See the full list of 2019 winners below:

The Best Companies for Women In 2019:

4. ZS
6. ADP
11. Hilton
17. Terex
20. IBM
24. Dell
26. Cisco
30. PwC

Best Technology Companies for Women in 2019:

5. IBM
6. Dell
11. Apple
15. Google
19. SAP

Best Finance Companies for Women in 2019:

Best Companies Where CEOs Support Gender Diversity in 2019:

7. IBM
8. ADP
9. ZS
12. Hilton
13. PwC

Best Consulting Companies for Women in 2019:

3. ZS
5. PwC
9. EY
10. KPMG

Fairygodboss is devoted to improving the workplace for women by increasing transparency — and these lists are designed to support that mission. By highlighting employers who are leading by example, we hope to raise the bar and improve gender equality across all industries.

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